Check back for information on cast & crew for the upcoming Spring Musical.

Show Information

Here is the updated rehearsal schedule for the next two weeks: 

MONDAY, Feb. 18th (President's Day) Rehearsal 9:00am-4:00pm

(Ms. Minor will be providing lunch for the cast, directors, and adults in attendance.)

TUESDAY Feb. 19th  2:30-5pm  Run Act 2   5-6pm  Krupke

WEDNESDAY Feb. 20th  5-9pm   Run Act 2, then Act 1

THURSDAY Feb. 21st  2:30-6pm   Dance Cleaning - All Cast

MONDAY Feb. 25th  5-9pm   Run entire show   All Cast

TUESDAY  Feb. 26th  2:30-6-m   Run entire show   All Cast

WEDNESDAY Feb. 27th   5-9pm  Run entire show  All Cast

THURSDAY  Feb. 28th   2:30-6pm  Run entire show   All Cast